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WHAT THEY DON'T TELL YOU - Buying Engagement Rings Online

Are you thinking of purchasing your Engagement Ring Online? Learn these mistakes before it’s too late! 

We want to address the truths about buying Diamond Engagement Rings online. As tempting as it may be to buy your Engagement Ring from an online retailer, we want you to rethink your online shopping so as not to make a purchase you will later regret.

We will identify the critical mistakes that nobody ever talks about, and specifically how to overcome them to find the Engagement Ring you’ve always wanted.

Keep reading to learn about these mistakes to ensure you don’t do the same! 

Mistake #1 - Not knowing the Centre Diamond Sparkle
Diamonds capture and refract light in breathtaking ways - which is all a part of their beauty and desirability. Without a personal inspection you’re not to know how a diamond truly interacts with light. Scintillation (the white light and coloured sparkle that is visible as a diamond moves) is very difficult to depict through online images and stock videos.

Diamonds behave differently under studio lighting. It’s impossible to capture their fire and lustre in this type of environment. Often diamonds can seem quite flat or grey in their product images or videos when placed against a pure white background completing a 360 spin. You won’t see how bright or dull the diamond appears from this type of photo or a video or how white the stone truly is.

Diamonds need to be seen! They are comparable to a spectacular view - in that a camera will never do it justice. You simply need to be there and see for yourself.

How brightly does the diamond sparkle? Is it brilliant or dark? Firey or dull and lifeless? Cloudy or clear? We’re talking about the subtler things. You will notice these differences when you are viewing a diamond in person and you will get the opportunity to compare two or three diamonds next to each other . This is why it is so important to pay attention to not only how the diamond looks and their listed characteristics but also how it behaves in real-life environments. Whilst it might be your dream diamond on your screen, don’t get sucked in without a viewing first. Otherwise you might end up with buyers remorse and stuck with a diamond you’re unhappy with.

Mistake #2 - The Diamond Shape/Size/Cut doesn’t suit you
This mistake actually has nothing to do with an online retailer. It may be a flawless and the highest quality diamond but the shape, size or cut of the diamond simply doesn’t suit or fit you! We’ve seen clients stuck and disappointed with a diamond ring totally wrong for them - with no way to return it because the shape of the cut or size/proportions didn’t turn out to be what they had hoped for.

How a 1.5ct carat ring looks on one hand will vastly differ to another. Our best advice is for you to visually inspect the size and cut of the loose diamond. This way you can see if the shape, carat weight and proportions are suitable - and you will quickly discover whether it is right for you. There are also certain diamond shapes and sizes that can fit and flatter the wearer better than others. It’s also not uncommon to change from your original ideas after you see a diamond in person. Many customers will change their mind and purchase a higher/lower carat weight or make slight adjustments to the ring setting style after they see a loose diamond on their hand.

Each diamond cut also sparkles a little differently depending on their faceting pattern. Perhaps you had your eye on the glittery sparkle of a Radiant Cut Diamond, the fire and brilliance of a Brilliant Cut Diamond or the refined sleek of a Step Cut Diamond but once you try it on - it turns out it isn’t the one for you. There are other subtleties about diamonds that you may not be familiar with - for example the darker contrast pattern of a hearts and arrows diamond. Some customers prefer it, others hate it. This is why it's so crucial for you to try when browsing in-store to figure out what is the right diamond for your ring before it's too late.

Mistake #3 - Receiving Limited Guidance
The roadmap to finding your perfect diamond isn’t always so clear. Sometimes we need a little guidance in order to select a brilliant stone. One of the biggest mistakes we see with customers browsing Engagement Rings online is not properly understanding what they are looking for. They end up with a poor quality diamond/ring setting because they don’t know any better. Diamonds are not as straightforward as you might be led to believe - there are many minor details that can vastly affect the price, quality and sparkle of a diamond!

At first glance it can be enticing to view the seemingly endless options online. But the reality is that scrolling through endless loose diamond videos and certificates can be very overwhelming. Ultimately the whole experience leads most to ending up uninspired, unsure what to look for and ultimately burnt out. It’s also natural to have many questions when buying an Engagement Ring. Do you buy a Natural or Lab-grown diamond? What grade of colour, clarity, cut, carat weight should you be buying? What price is a good deal? What do these diamond certificates mean? Who is reputable?    

Find a professional who will take into consideration your preferences and budget to find the perfect diamond and create the ideal Engagement Ring for you. At JANAI we provide advice on which diamonds are most suited to your requirements. Our diamond specialists can educate you on important factors that influence the beauty and value of the stone (the cut, the size, type or position of inclusions, diamond fluorescence, ratios/carat weight and light performance). Our team will also guide you on structural aspects of your design for a ring that has integrity as well as beauty. To make sure you don’t end up in a situation you will later regret! 

Mistake # 4 - Discovering no Resize is offered/No Aftercare
There’s no better way to ruin your proposal than to buy an Engagement Ring that doesn’t fit your loved one and you’re unable to resize it. This is what happens to many customers who end up abandoned by e-commerce when any aftercare is required. If a resize service is offered at all, a customer will need to organise their own postage to send their ring back to the company they bought from. Additional costs are involved and there will be extended time without the ring whilst it is in transit. Not to mention it can be incredibly nerve wracking to be posting such a valuable and sentimental piece of jewellery.

You might think no problem, just just take it to a local jeweller to resize instead. Think again. You will quickly discover most won’t touch another's ring in fear of damage or disrepair. This is as they are unfamiliar with the structure and gold alloys used and don’t want to risk ruining the ring. Then what should be a very simple and straightforward process can prove to be a nightmare when you purchase an engagement ring online.

It is more than likely that an Engagement ring will be resized at least once in a lifetime, and who will you turn to? Often we see online retailers severely lacking in the resizing and after service department. That is - if the website still exists.

You can avoid all of this by instead purchasing locally. When the resizing situation arises or when any aftercare is required, your Engagement ring will receive the proper care it deserves. It also means you can come and visit at your convenience complimentary cleans and receive the customer support you need. This is essential for your Engagement to make sure it sparkles brightly and you’re able to wear it for a lifetime.  
Mistake #5 - Trusting Online Listings
No matter how well online retailers try to depict diamonds/engagement rings on a website there are sometimes things that just don’t translate. We have all heard horror stories from someone we know who orders something online and what arrives does not meet their expectations. When you’re planning your proposal and spending a considerable amount of money - you deserve that certainty. Otherwise you have a potential nightmare on your hands and the headaches of trying to return or exchange a diamond ring from a website.

Websites often use descriptions or hand model video/photos to distract you from the actual qualities of a diamond itself or the ring design. A diamond ring can also easily be photoshopped/edited and only use certain angles to be show its best parts. This might disguise a dark spots or shadows, distorted sparkle or hazy/milky appearance of a diamond. Sometimes we have even seen listings that don't even match the pictured diamond/ring design. These characteristics are impactful and the difference between a spectacular or a lifeless diamond and create a huge variance in their price.

There are also many seemingly insignificant things about Diamond Engagement Rings that are in actual fact, huge red flags. Details such as too thin or small diamond claws, delicate bands or how high or low-set the diamond is. Everyday we see these Diamond Ring designs on online retailer websites that look beautiful but are not very practical. A poor quality ring setting may also be asymmetrical or cradle a diamond unevenly. These qualities are often extremely subtle or undetectable online and can ruin the entire engagement ring.

We have two secrets to avoid making a mistake. First is to check that the laser inscription matches the diamond certificate. Second is to view the diamond ring in person to check the workmanship. Not only should you be looking at the carat weight, cut and sparkle of the diamond, but also the craftsmanship or the ring setting. From online a diamond ring's outer appearance might appear to have desirable qualities which you are drawn to. But later you are to find out in real-life they are in fact the opposite. Don't believe everything that you see online.  As a customer it’s impossible to truly know a high value diamond. Especially when the videos/photos and certificates don’t match up. 

We certainly understand the ease and convenience of completing a transaction in just a few clicks. Online shopping promises ease and accessibility for Engagement Rings. But actually beneath the surface can lie a big disaster for unsuspecting buyers! A lot of the time customers believe they’re purchasing an exceptional Diamond Ring but then later discover otherwise - leaving them to deeply regret their purchase.

There will always be a high risk that the diamond you think you are purchasing will not be what you had hoped for. Things can always go wrong - online listings can have the wrong descriptions or mismatched certificates and diamond videos. There isn’t a system or verification process that can ensure the quality of every Engagement Ring and every diamond video that is uploaded online. Unfortunately, this is how it is.

Quit purchasing online and instead learn how to find a spectacular diamond. If you want a diamond that stands out, look in-store to try and place the loose diamond on the hand, make real-life comparisons and receive exceptional after service. We recommend instead getting inspired online before purchasing in-store. So that in the future you won’t fall for anything other than a perfect Diamond Engagement Ring. 

Visit us at JANAI to learn everything you need to know about Diamonds before you go ahead and purchase your Engagement Ring. Our mission is to help our clients select high quality diamonds based on 40 years of experience and insight. Transforming your diamond into the elegant and refined Engagement Ring you’ve always envisioned.  At JANAI in-store you have the opportunity to examine your Diamond Engagement Ring at every angle.
To begin creating your dream Engagement Ring today! Fill out the booking form below to request your consultation at JANAI. 

If you are about to make the mistake of buying your Engagement Ring from a website, stop and think!


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