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We sourced the first diamond in the world registered with Tracr™ and Sarine

We are proud to announce the World’s First diamond registered with Tracr™ blockchain digital platform and Sarine Diamond Journeydigital report and at Janai. As your trusted custom jeweler, we pride ourselves on sourcing not only certified diamonds but providing the story behind their journey. Purchasing a diamond registered with Tracr or Sarine diamond journey guarantees provenance and authenticity of your natural diamond. Our commitment to transparency ensures that your cherished diamond reflects the highest standards of quality and ethical sourcing.

These entities verify the unique characteristics of each natural diamond and document the full journey from mine to masterpiece. Together with GIA, Sarine and Tracr™ our clients can trace the provenance and entire planning of their diamond like never before.

The digital report from Sarine features a range of AI-based diamond information based on trusted technology from the Sarine Lab. From 3D Scanning, Sarine advanced diamond mapping technology, planning and laser cutting.

The information provided by Tracr™ explores the diamond characteristics that have been uploaded and stored securely on a tamper-proof blockchain platform. Exploring its provenance, positive legacy and proving authenticity of the DTC diamond.

This allows our clients to discover the true origins of their diamond from mine to masterpiece. Learning the full story behind their stone starting at the source - from the rough, to planning, to finished diamond. We understand how important it is to be committed towards ethical sourcing and environmental responsibility for a transparent and traceable journey behind every diamond. To distinguish the unique characteristics of every diamond and the story behind each stone.

Bringing together two diamond industry leaders and the power of their technologies. We sourced the first diamond in the world registered with both Sarine and Tracr™ - only at Janai Melbourne. 

Watch the full video on our Instagram 

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