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The Advantages of a Custom Diamond Engagement Ring

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Creating Your Own Unique Design

Choosing to design a custom diamond Engagement Ring has so many exciting advantages. It will result in a ring that is not only unique, but also tailored exactly to your individual style and budget. The process results in a high quality diamond Engagement Ring which will be a one-of-a-kind specifically designed for you. It can be made easy when custom jewellers offer a high level of expertise and the ultimate personalised experience.

Let us share 5 reasons why you should consider creating your own Custom Diamond Engagement Ring with us at Janai in Melbourne:     

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  1. You’re in Control / Personalisation 

One of the biggest advantages of designing a Custom Diamond Engagement Ring is that you are given the opportunity to select every small detail. It gives you a chance to express your individuality when it comes to Diamond Shape, Setting, Metal type and the flexibility to add any other finer details you desire. You can add elements that have special meaning to you and your future fiance - such as adding birthstones, hidden halo designs and other delicate intricate details. It offers complete choice and personalisation.

    2. Perfect Fit 

Instead of trying to make a ready-made ring work for you from a major retailer, you will end up with a made-to-order ring that is comfortable to wear and looks beautifully proportioned on the hand. It will be designed to fit and flatter your finger perfectly by selecting the exact dimensions and sizing that is suited to both the hand and also to complement the Ring design.
Not only does this ensure a comfortable ring you never want to take off, it also ensures a flawless fit for future jewellery additions. When you are ready for your Wedding band or an Anniversary band, the existing design and precise measurements on file will allow custom jewellers to design a matching piece to wear together as a seamless set.

  1. One-On-One Service 

Each consultation at Janai for a made to order piece takes around 90 minutes, in which you will select your loose diamond and complementing setting with our design team. With the help of our experts, they can provide guidance from start to finish. You will receive personal one-on-one attention from our consultants who can educate you about Diamonds and make sure that your Diamond Engagement Ring turns out exactly how you envisioned it to be.

This unique opportunity to create entirely custom means working together through inspiration, diamonds, settings, sketches and any special or unique additions you wish to add to your Ring. Most couples often design the ring together. Adding to the memory of your love story and creating a unique Engagement Ring that is special to the both of you.

  1. Quality Comes First 

Custom jewellers make sure to choose the highest quality diamonds and recommend designs to ensure your Engagement Ring can be passed on for generations. Accommodating to your requirements, at Janai we are able to source the finest certified diamonds from all over the world, Natural Diamonds or Lab Grown. Our entire production team can monitor the quality control of the design to guarantee a beautiful well-crafted Ring.

Placement and setting of the stones is imperative. It maintains the strength and integrity of the ring as well as a harmonious and beautiful look. Our team and quality control procedures ensure a flawlessly set  ring, protecting your investment and making sure all the diamonds are set precisely and securely. 

  1. Budget Control 

It’s a common misconception that creating a Custom Diamond Engagement Ring is more expensive than buying mass-produced. This actually isn’t accurate. When designing a ring, it is with a budget in mind and constrained to these limits. You can decide firmly the price first and then decide on each element regarding the centre Diamond and the setting after. A Diamond specialist will take your budget into consideration during the custom process and create a beautiful engagement ring around this figure.

Bonus: Aftercare Cleaning and Servicing 

All of the clients at Janai receive complimentary cleaning for the lifetime of their ring. We recommend clients visit in-store every 6 months for a clean and check - in which our team can also assess that the ring setting and diamond prongs are all secure. We may also assist with any resizing for existing clients..

Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring is something to be excited about! The custom-made process allows for a unique and high quality Diamond piece and truly personal shopping experience. It is a great choice for anyone looking for a special and meaningful one-of-a-kind ring.   

At Janai our custom-design jewellery is made with an unrivaled level of craftsmanship. Our team of diamond specialists execute every element to perfection to bring your Engagement Ring to life.

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