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Should you buy a Lab-Grown Diamond?

Lab-Grown Diamonds or Natural Diamonds for your Engagement Ring? Which is right for you? 

With everyone from fine jewellers to luxury brands choosing Lab-Grown Diamonds for their pieces, these remarkable stones have forever changed the industry and always spark a lot of debate. Without a doubt, they firmly hold their place as a beautiful option for Engagement Rings. But what exactly are the differences between a Natural and Lab-Grown Diamond? And which is right for you? Read below as we cover the differences and compare the two!

Budget and Pricing
Lab-Grown Diamonds are significantly cheaper than Natural Diamonds. They offer better value for money as lab-grown stones are priced up to 70% cheaper for the same cut and quality as their natural counterparts. For those where cost is purely priority, you will be able to take advantage of this fact and buy a bigger (higher carat weight) and better quality Diamond for your budget. The pricing of Lab-Grown diamonds is competitive as they are able to produce more supply in a shorter amount of time and the process is far less labour intensive than natural diamond mining.
Proposing with a Natural diamond of a greater price is traditionally seen as a measure of a man's love and success. Purchasing a natural diamond also shows an investment towards the time, labour and resources that it takes to source the stone. Natural Diamonds do hold more of a collectability factor as there will forever be a finite supply within the earth. Although it is rare for anybody to buy an Engagement Ring as a monetary investment, there will be peace of mind if times get tough that natural diamonds historically have maintained a higher value in comparison to lab-grown diamonds.

Romance and Origins
If you are sentimental, there is no rival to a Natural Diamond. There will forever be something romantic and timeless around the concept that it took billions of years within the earth to create the Diamond you are presenting to your loved one. A Natural Diamond is steeped in centuries of tradition as it has represented the everlasting love between couples since the middle ages. Natural Diamonds linked to their origins have a particular enchanting quality behind them as you learn the story and the time and resources it takes to create a finished stone.
The idea that a Lab-Grown Diamond is manufactured in a high-tech facility doesn’t quite have the same romance behind it.  With its technological nature, the modern concept hasn’t built the same charm. Although the finished product is undeniably beautiful, the heirloom quality has not yet caught up with the contemporary process.  

Environmental Factors
Lab-Grown Diamonds gained attention as a sustainable alternative as the market became more attuned to environmental and ethical concerns. CVD Lab-Grown Diamonds require less energy to grow. They emit about four times less carbon dioxide for a one-carat Diamond (compared to mining a natural diamond within the earth). Lab-Grown diamonds are also associated with modern facilities and strict protocols surrounding safe and fair working conditions, which lend them to being considered as an ethical choice. There is no stigma correlating to blood diamonds, harming the environment or the people and communities.  
Over recent years, Natural Diamonds mines are also committed to both beauty and integrity. The industry strives for minimal negative impacts on the land, water and local communities of their operations. Strict guidelines have been introduced globally to lessen the carbon footprint of mining as ethical and sustainable protocols have been enforced. For example, in Africa 40% of the land remains protected under environmental conservation acts. In Canada, the largest diamond mine is designed specifically for buildings to be removed without a trace and reclaimed by nature with lake water flowing back to fill the area when mining comes to an end. The mindset shift is strong as sustainability initiatives remain at the forefront of the Natural Diamond Industry.

Is a Natural Diamond or Lab-Grown Diamond right for you?
Buying a Natural Diamond or Lab-Grown Diamond for your Engagement Ring is completely a personal preference. Everybody has different priorities and values so it is important to consider which is right for you and your partner. Your perception surrounding price, romance and sustainability will ultimately decide on the best decision for your Engagement Ring! 

Lab-Grown Diamonds are often chosen due to their affordability, responsible ethics and the speed in which they can be produced.

Natural Diamonds are chosen due to their higher value, heirloom quality, romance and the story surrounding their origins (which part of the world they are sourced from and the people and communities involved).

With more choices than ever before, we believe every customer deserves a real diamond and an Engagement Ring of unrivaled quality. At Janai we offer a large range of both certified high quality Lab-Grown and Natural Diamonds. We believe they are equally as beautiful. Consider your partner and what is important for them.

Our team of diamond specialists have over 35 combined years of experience, with each diamond hand-set by our expert team. If you have any further questions our friendly team is happy to assist.
To book your appointment with us to create your own bespoke ring, please fill out your details below.   

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