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Making your Engagement Ring look bigger

Making your Engagement Ring look bigger

We have put together 3 Ways to ensure that your diamond ring looks big, bright and brilliant. There are few different ways to maximize the size and appearance of your diamond. The key to exaggerating your diamond size comes down to exceptional diamond cutting, strategic ring setting and the perfect polish. 

The Diamond
The first rule of helping your engagement ring look bigger is to design a ring with an excellent cut diamond. The Diamond Cut determines the angles and facets in which the diamond will reflect the light. Jewellery experts advise using diamonds GIA graded as Excellent Cut or Hearts & Arrows Cut in order to have the brightest sparkle and the largest looking stone. Ultimately you want the best cut and a diamond full of beautiful sparkle that will give the illusion of being larger than it actually is.

The idea is to optimise the refraction, reflection and dispersion of light. Diamond cuts with many facets and perfect symmetry are able to glisten the brightest. Round Brilliant Cut diamonds are ideal for looking larger for their carat weight due to their impressive reflective qualities. Their 58 facets allow the light to bounce and reflect out of the diamond at many angles.

Elongated shapes that take up more physical space on your ring finger will also appear larger per carat weight. Ovals, Pear and Marquise cut diamonds will look bigger when worn compared to Asscher and Princess cuts. 
Each ring style and shape is different on everyone’s finger, so it is important to choose a diamond ring that suits. At Janai we urge everyone to try the desired style in person to see what flatters best and truly highlights the size.

The Setting
Essentially the most effective way of maximizing the appearance of your center stone is with a subtle narrow band and delicate claws. Choosing a slim band and slim prongs will make your diamond look larger in comparison. This design will naturally highlight the center stone and show off more of the diamond as there is less gold enclosing the stone.

Another tip is framing your diamond in 18k White Gold claws. When the prongs are highly polished at every angle, the interior of the setting will be highly reflective and interact with the setting like a mirror and will exaggerate the size of a white diamond. This perfect polish can make your diamond appear up to 20% whiter and brighter and give the illusion of a larger diamond.
A higher set ring will allow for more light to interact with the diamond, creating a brilliant sparkle.  

Surrounding your centre stone with glistening diamonds in a Halo or Cluster Setting design will increase the size of the ring without the price of a larger carat stone. Taking up more space on your finger this setting resembles a larger look resembling one bigger diamond when in reality it is a collection of smaller stones.

The last setting trick for making an Engagement Ring look bigger is for it to be designed with a narrow or tapered band. As the band tapers towards the centre it will accentuate any stone and make the diamond appear larger, ensuring it steals the spotlight.

Keep it Clean
A clean and polished diamond will look the biggest. For a diamond that really stands out, the way you treat your diamond ring is important. Cover all the basics of soaking your diamond ring in warm water and a small amount of gentle dish soap once or twice a week, delicately brushing the ring with a soft toothbrush and rinsing again with warm water.

The shinier and more polished the ring the larger it will appear. Regular at-home cleaning and professional cleaning will remove everyday build-up of oil, dirt and debris that can reside on the surface and make the ring appear cloudy. The duller the diamond, the smaller the ring will appear.

It is recommended to take your diamond rings for professional cleaning twice a year, every 6 months to remove stubborn dirt and debris. We invite our clients to the boutique for a complementary professional cleaning for the lifetime of their engagement ring after their purchase.  

Choose from our engagement ring designs in Melbourne or create your own unique engagement ring to make sure your diamond truly stands out.  

To book your appointment with us fill your details in the form below to create your truly personalised Engagement Ring at our Melbourne boutique.

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