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How to Wear A Tennis Necklace

Tennis necklaces have become a staple for every woman's jewellery collection. With such a timeless appeal, they have steadily gained popularity since the 1980’s where the design was modelled after the iconic tennis bracelet. The single row of glistening diamonds is always a must-have as they are such an easy to wear and extremely versatile piece. Tennis necklaces come in varying lengths, sizes and styles. From casual and contemporary to dripping with diamonds, there are many ways to wear and style this classic necklace.

diamond tennis necklace

Wearing a Choker Diamond Tennis Necklace
Shorter choker styles work wonderfully with more casual outfits. Many automatically assume that diamond necklaces must be saved for formal occasions only - but this isn’t true. Choker Diamond Tennis necklaces pair beautifully with a t-shirt, jeans and oversized blazer look for understated everyday look. We see many celebrities layering their necklaces together, with a shorter diamond tennis necklace and longer pendant underneath. Layering a Choker Tennis Necklace always adds interest to your look and lets you express your personality. It gives a youthful appearance and instantly elevates any outfit.

diamond tennis necklace

Wearing a Longer Diamond Tennis Necklace
The longer Tennis Necklace is a classic. It is well suited to a preppy style outfit. Think button down shirts, satin blouses and knit cardigans. A single string of more bold diamonds holds its own and lends itself to a simple outfit where the diamonds steal the spotlight. The longer diamond tennis necklaces are well suited to the old money style. It is more common in these designs to have graduating diamonds, where smaller stones are set around the neck area and gradually the diamonds become bigger towards the base. Not only looking stunning, the weight helps to keep the necklace stay in place.   

drop tennis necklace

Wearing a Statement Diamond Tennis Necklace
Glamorous occasions call for a more statement piece.  More formal events such as Weddings, Engagements, Birthdays and celebrations are the times to bring out the most elaborate Diamond Tennis Necklaces.  These occasions can lend themselves to more dramatic designs, where tennis necklaces tend to be a lot more detailed or include long pendant drops. Statement Diamond Tennis Necklaces match elegantly with dresses or gowns using fabrics such as silks, chiffon, broderie or embellishments. These events are the place to truly go all out and to be dripping with diamonds!

diamond tennis necklace

Diamond Tennis Necklace Shapes and Settings

The most common setting and shape for the diamond Tennis Necklace is the claw setting which uses small 18ct gold claws to hold each diamond in place, with Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds. This setting allows for maximum light to pass through the diamonds and enhance each stone's sparkle. A four claw setting will enhance the shape of a Round Brilliant Cut and also keep the diamonds securely in place. Bezel settings lend themselves particularly well to Tennis Necklaces, a setting which encircles and frames the diamond with 18ct gold.

mixed cut tennis necklace

Tennis Necklaces can be created with many shapes or even mixing the cuts of Diamond. Pictured is our mixed-cut Diamond Necklace which includes a combination of oval, pear, princess, marquise and round brilliant diamonds.

bezel diamond tennis necklace

Diamond Tennis Necklaces are always a great addition to any outfit. This modern and stylish jewellery piece makes every outfit look effortlessly put together. They are a classic that is essential for every woman's jewellery collection.

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