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The 8 Top Valentine's Day Gifts for 2024

Valentine’s evokes the vision of a day filled with roses, champagne, chocolates and of course, diamonds. A romantic moment to celebrate your love and appreciation with your sweetheart. If you’re looking for a truly special gift, Diamonds are always sure to impress. 

To those gift-givers who are seeking inspiration for their partner this Valentine’s Day (or even for yourself), use our list below as the way to their heart 

Click to view Akoya Pearl Earrings

If your loved one’s style is always graceful and refined, our Akoya Pearl earrings may be the one. They are extremely versatile, lightweight, paired with natural diamonds and will never go out of style.

Click to view Levitaire Collection

For the romantics at heart, a sweet pair of diamond earrings are an ideal choice. Our Levitaire collection features diamonds with no bezels and no claws, these drop earrings create the most delicate look.

Click to view Pendant Necklaces

For those with an affinity for the minimal and modern, a diamond pendant necklace is a tried and true design that will be sure to impress them. Pendants are a sentimental gift, as they are always worn close to the heart.

Click to view Diamond Necklaces

Mark the occasion with elegance. A beautiful eternity encrusted design or diamond halo for a pendant unlike any other in their collection. An ideal option for the person who already has everything.

Click to view Bezel Set Diamond Bracelet

For the trendy girls, Bezel settings are really having their moment. With their minimal and understated look, this very practical design does not need to wait for a formal occasion. Ideal for everyday wear.  

Click to view Diamond Tennis Bracelet

You can’t go wrong with the Classics. A timeless tennis bracelet featuring a glistening strand of diamonds will show your deepest love and appreciation.

engagement ring melbourne
Click to view Diamond Engagement Rings Melbourne 

We left the best until last. A ring is the most romantic gift you can buy. Whether it is a diamond engagement ring for your proposal, or a fully custom gift for your loved one, this is where you imagination can run wild. Personalise a ring by adding thoughtful details honouring your partner.

diamond ring melbourne

Click to view Diamond Eternity Bands

For those already committed, Eternity band rings are deeply personal pieces of jewellery. Enhance their ring stack with a glamorous design. Choose between Round, Oval, Marquise diamonds, or mix and match for an alternating design. 

For Valentines Day 2024, Diamond Jewellery is a deeply personal gift that offers longevity like no other. Expand their collection with a hand-selected piece they will absolutely adore. Because who wouldn’t want to receive a shimmering gift that lasts forever?   

At Janai we specialise in creating bespoke diamond Engagement Rings in Melbourne. Our talented team can turn your diamond dream into a reality. Visit us to discover our full diamond collection and find your perfect gift today! To request your appointment please fill out the form below.  

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