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Does a Man need an Engagement Ring?

From our earliest moments in life, we imagine our future and one day eventually getting married and starting a family. In movies and fairytales the marriage proposal and the practice of receiving a diamond ring is predominantly associated with women. The custom can be traced back to the ancient Romans, where traditionally the man will present the ring to the woman to signify his loyalty and commitment to marriage. Living in the 21st-century where the construct of marriage has greatly evolved (today's society and relationships are much more progressive) many are now exploring the idea of whether Men also need an Engagement Ring too. It is commonplace for men to wear a wedding band after getting married. But what about before the ceremony? 

Whether a Man needs an Engagement Ring is a complex topic that doesn’t have any straightforward answers. It depends on culture and the expectations surrounding roles and responsibilities within relationships. We recognise that it has become less about strict traditions and more about how couples choose to express their love and commitment to one another. The act of exchanging rings is representative of the promise to be faithful and loyal to one another and the choice to wear one is different for each individual couple.

What are the designs and styles?

Men’s Engagement Ring styles most likely aren’t how you would imagine them to look. They are still crafted from precious metals and stones - but are distinctly for men. The perception that men wear a solitaire diamond or a glamorous style that is super extravagant and blingy isn’t the case (these diamond rings are usually reserved for women). Most Mens Engagement Rings are more understated, sophisticated and masculine, looking more like dress rings or wedding bands. Gentleman are also entitled to wearing a highly coveted piece, it doesn’t need to be bland or boring! 

More defining details include:    

It all comes down to your personal style. Some men desire a style that is sleek and contemporary whilst others prefer a more flashy band with bold diamonds. Many cultures also have variations on design. Men from Sweden and Chile have a longstanding custom of men also wearing an Engagement Ring that is a plain gold band or an intricately engraved gold band.
In other cultures the Men’s Engagement Ring is worn on the right hand, and after the wedding ceremony transferred on to the left. Others choose the option to purchase a second ring to mark the occasion, whilst some choose not to wear a ring at all. The choice is yours.   

In terms of our modern culture, the tradition and perception around the idea of marriage has shifted. Same-sex marriage is now legalised, womens rights and fight for equality has profoundly evolved and gender roles within relationships are continually challenged and redefined. Overall, there are more choices, including the man proposing, or the woman proposing and both mutually exchanging and wearing rings.

Who proposes?
It is still very uncommon for women to be proposing to their boyfriends, but not entirely unheard of. The standard convention is the Man will purchase the Engagement Ring ahead of time in preparation for the proposal and plan the event. If a man chooses to also wear a ring it is more an indication to the world that he is taken and committed and worn after the proposal rather than a gesture demonstrating the promise towards a wedding ceremony.
Who pays? 
When it comes to purchasing the ring, it can depend on the individual finances of the couple. Does the man pay for his own or is the gesture reciprocated ?  More often than not it will be the higher-earning individual who contributes to the cost of the Engagement Rings. Discuss your options as a couple and what feels best for both of you and how it fits within your values and budget. 

Same-sex or gender neutral couples?
The act of who proposes and receives the Engagement Ring is entirely dependent upon your dynamic together as a couple. Relationship equality emphases that both partners in a couple have equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities. Deep and detailed types of conversations  between the two of you will explore who will make the grand gesture of getting down on one knee with a ring to mark the commitment between two individuals and begin the lifelong journey together.

Modern relationships are forever changing and nowadays many traditions are adapted personally to cater to each couple. For full context most men do not wear engagement rings it is a personal choice and more inclusive approach to show commitment to one another. It is a decision made together by the couple allowing individuals to express their love in a way that feels authentic. Ultimately the decision for a man to wear an Engagement Ring lies within each couple and their relationship. More progressive and new-age couples can embrace the idea of both men and women wearing Engagement Rings. A mindset that empowers couples.

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