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Comparing Diamonds - Two Different Oval Cuts

Time to take a look at two different Oval Cut Diamonds 

Today we are comparing an Oval Hearts & Arrows Cut Diamond to an Oval Brilliant Cut Diamond. Both of these Diamonds are 2.04cts with 57 facets.

Looking more closely inside a reflective scope we can clearly see the differences

The hearts & arrows cut produces a beautiful star-like pattern inside the stone whereas the brilliant cut has more of a mosaic pattern highlighting its many small facets.

oval brilliant diamond reflective scope
Oval Hearts and Arrows Cut viewed through reflective scope

oval h&a reflective scope

Oval Brilliant Cut viewed through reflective scope

The proportions also vary. The Oval brilliant cut has a more elongated shape and the Oval H&A is a little rounder. This shape and depth affects their light performance - the hearts and arrows diamond is the brightest and whitest - because the facets act like mirrors to reflect more light.

The Oval Brilliant cut is glittery and shimmery with the way it interacts with light, producing a beautiful shimmery scintillation from the surface of the diamond.  

The Oval H&A cut has a faceted look with a captivating arrows pattern that draws you in. The diamond produces flashes of white light with its very precise facet placement and alignment for the brightest sparkle. 

If you’re looking for the traditional option, a brilliant cut Oval will offer the glittering sparkle you would expect from a round diamond in a modern shape.
If you’re looking for an extremely rare diamond cut that epitomises craftsmanship and the finest diamond cutting, then Oval Hearts and arrows is for you. 

Make your appointment with us below to create your custom-made engagement ring Melbourne and see which you prefer.  

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