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Would you buy a second hand Engagement Ring?

The act of proposing with a diamond engagement ring is an age-old tradition as a promise of a lifelong commitment together. There will forever be an emotional connection with your diamond as the most sentimental ring you will ever own. With this in mind and embracing tradition, some couples desire a ring with a little more history attached. Whether you find the idea endearing and romantic or a little more taboo and superstitious, we delve in to find out whether wearing a preloved diamond ring is worth it and right for you.

Vintage designs

Many are drawn to a preloved ring for their vintage designs, the appeal and charm lies in their distinct and eye-catching designs. These pieces boast delicate decorative patterns that are completely and utterly unique. The intricate styles range from the floral and natural influence of art nouveau, the geometry and architectural inspiration of art deco, to the hollywood glamour of mid century jewellery design. Vintage rings can feature exquisite craftsmanship through their detailed milgrain beading and dramatic decorative styles. Additionally vintage rings have an air of exclusivity, when you can no longer find these designs browsing local retail stores. People are drawn in by the idea of owning a ring that nobody else has. These styles of a bygone era are admired by many and can entice buyers to go down the preloved route.

Finding a vintage ring that is suitable can however be a very long and painstaking process. To discover the perfect match can take months or years until the desired style becomes available. Older rings may also require more maintenance long-term due to the fact they are well worn. They can be more fragile and antique rings from estates and vintage boutiques often are in need of resizing or delicate repairs. Instead it makes much more sense to create the appearance of a vintage design in a brand new ring. Being able to have an engagement ring that is completely unique with an old world charm without all the issues. Making a brand new ring in a vintage type of style negates all of these problems and allows for an extra special ring that nobody else will have.

Heirloom Diamond Rings

There is an added sense of romance and sentiment attached to heirloom rings. Diamond rings that are cherished and worn within families have a strong history connected to them - especially when they are inherited pieces that have been passed along for generations. They can lend themselves as a desirable option for engagement rings. There is a deep personal attachment when they once belonged to mothers or aunties, and there is something particularly romantic about the idea of a family ring. Heirloom rings have a particular nostalgia. Wearing a ring with a storied past can make it feel extra special and create a deeper connection and bond between the couple and the families.

One of the struggles with the idea of heirloom rings is that the ring isn’t their own and brand new - or anywhere close to their taste and style. The idea of the ring belonging to someone else or receiving an engagement ring design you don’t resonate with can be a dealbreaker. Many couples prefer the feeling their ring is brand new, one of a kind and made especially for them - a cherished symbol of fresh beginnings unique to their relationship with no association to another couple.

Preloved Affordable Diamonds

Buying any type of diamonds is a significant financial investment. Exploring the world of preloved diamonds often means browsing at a lower price point. Opting for a used ring can give access to diamonds that were otherwise out of reach. Some couples decide to allocate more funds towards their wedding, honeymoon and prioritise other future expenses. By choosing a second-hand ring many couples believe they can align with their financial goals and participate in an economical and sustainable buying practice. There are a variety of different reasons as to why couples decide to have a higher or lower engagement ring budget. It is essential that they are on the same page when it comes to their finances and desires - and be transparent around the fact that the ring is preloved as to not offend your partner.

Consider Lab-Grown diamonds as they offer a wide range of options at a similar or even lower price-point. It is noteworthy that the pricing of second-hand diamond prices isn’t significantly different from brand new, especially if you consider lab-grown diamonds as an option. Authenticity and provenance also proves a risk with older rings and vintage diamonds - they are less likely to be certified diamonds or accompanied with documentation. Designing an engagement ring from scratch allows flexibility and choice with the centre stone to suit your preferences and budget.

The concept will always raise a few eyebrows, the idea of second-hand engagement rings always evokes strong feelings no matter which you prefer. What draws most people into second-hand engagement rings is their intricate and unique designs, personal family connection or affordability.

Customise your vintage engagement ring design at Janai Jewellery

At Janai we can custom make your Engagement Ring to any vintage design you desire. Have complete control over the design and infuse your ring with vintage elements that embody the character and charm of antique styles. Remove any restrictions on design and stigma surrounding a preloved ring and take advantage of limitless design options whilst using brand new 18ct gold and your choice of whichever certified diamonds you desire. Additionally your ring will be exclusive to you, owning a one-of-a-kind style that nobody else will have.  At Janai, we encourage you to customize your personal Engagement Ring that is right for you as a symbol of your enduring love. 

Interested to craft your vintage engagement ring in Melbourne? Fill out our form below to contact Janai Jewellery.

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