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Why are Diamonds given on Valentine's day?

When it comes to modern day gift-giving, Diamonds have become the ultimate expression of love and commitment. Many gravitate towards Diamond Jewellery as a Valentine's Day gift as it is always highly personal, appeals to all and will last a lifetime. The durability of diamonds also alludes to the idea that love is forever, just as a Diamond is Forever.

The tradition of Valentine's Day and the celebration of romantic love dates all the way back to the times of the ancient Romans. Gift-giving during mid-February began as a beautiful expression of love and affection. Typically, couples in the middle ages commemorated their love on this special day by delivering love notes, exchanging gifts and declaring their adoration for one another. 

Fast-foward to today and Diamonds remain a powerful expression of love representing many sentimental moments. Much like couples' unique love stories - Diamond Rings, Necklaces and Bracelets may adopt a personal touch. Whether it be a meaningful extra addition of a precious stone or a unique design element.

Diamonds are timeless and able to be worn effortlessly as a true everyday staple - which makes them such a covetable choice for a Valentine’s gift. They are an investment as a diamond’s strength and quality allow them to be passed on for generations. A diamond's brilliance and versatility lend themselves to be a precious piece of jewellery that may be worn daily and forever adored. Whether a show-stopping piece purely to be admired  or a more sentimental addition.

Whilst Valentine's Day can look different for everyone, those not coupled up or in a committed relationship may still treat themselves to a beautiful Diamond Piece. There has also been a shift to women purchasing their own Diamonds on Valentine’s Day. Indulging themselves as a form of self-love and celebrating their independence.

Diamonds remain a symbol to convey love towards a romantic partner through fine jewellery made to impress. A diamond as a symbol of love is impossible to resist on Valentine’s Day. Visit us in-store at our boutique Collins Street Melbourne to see what we can create for you. With 40 years industry experience, Janai Melbourne specialises in custom Fine Jewellery pieces and Engagement Rings.

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