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Which Engagement Rings Are The Most Popular?


Every year shapes and styles vary with the trends. At Janai we always recommend staying true to your style.  It is important to create a diamond piece that you covet and once you put it on your finger you will never want to take off.

To assist with your decision, here are the most popular diamond shapes from Janai for 2022. 


Round Brilliant Cut Diamond
The Signature Tulip Ring - 
For the Classic Woman 
The Round Brilliant Cut Diamond is a timeless choice with a simple and elegant shape. It is the most popular design and when cut to an ideal depth, allows maximum light performance and extraordinary fire and brilliance. Round Brilliant diamonds feature 58 facets to optimise a diamond’s brilliance and fire.

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Oval Cut Diamond
The Aria Ring - 
For the Modern Woman
The Oval Cut Diamond is incredibly popular with its soft, elegant shape. It consistently ranks as one of the most popular fancy cut diamonds. The elongated round brilliant cut has a large surface area which provides exceptional value for money, whilst also producing incredible optical brilliance. The oval shape is an elegant combination of the round brilliant cut and the marquise diamond.

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Cushion Cut Diamond
The Ariana Ring - 
For the Elegant Woman
The Cushion Cut Diamond is a square or rectangular cut with soft rounded corners, much like a pillow – creating its name ‘cushion cut’. Cushion cut diamonds are well known for their ability to retain their colour and are often chosen for yellow or pink diamonds.

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Radiant Cut Diamond
The Dea Ring - For the Strong Woman
The Radiant Cut Diamond is a rectangle-like shape combined with the fire and brilliance of a round brilliant cut. A radiant cut is a mix of step-cuts and brilliant cuts on 70 intricate facets.
The radiant maximises the brilliance and fire of a diamond and is a modern take on the emerald and round brilliant cuts.

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Pear Cut Diamond
The Luna Ring - 
For the Feminine Woman
The Pear Cut Diamond combines the round brilliant and marquise-cut styles. It is also referred to as a ‘teardrop’ due to its resemblance to a glistening water droplet. The flattering shape elongates the finger and pear diamonds display an extraordinary display of light.

Shop the Luna


Emerald Cut Diamond
The Edith Ring - 
For the Glamourous Woman 
The Emerald Cut Diamond is a classic art-deco style reminiscent of 1920’s glamour. The emerald octagonal step-cut features rectangular facets which create a mirror effect. Emerald cut diamonds are always elegant and timeless pieces.

Shop the Edith 

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