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What are Parti & Teal Sapphires?

What are Parti & Teal Sapphires?

Parti & Teal Sapphires are believed by geologists to have been formed within the earth between 20-200 million years ago. Deep under the surface, these striking bi-coloured and tri-coloured Sapphires are created by nature. Every colour and pattern takes thousands, even millions of years to form. This occurs due to a number of the earth’s natural processes including mineral deposits, tectonic shifts, temperature changes, natural chemicals and underground pressures.

These vivid and unique gemstones are defined by the elements. Titanium, Iron and Chromium. The exceptional sapphires produce varying hues depending on their mineral makeup. The combination within the sapphires develop a complexity in colour unparalleled to any other gemstone, producing unimaginable beauty. 

Sapphires with a more
-Blue colour are defined by Ferric Iron and Titanium, the blue sapphire contains a higher concentration of titanium than iron.
-Green colour are defined by Ferrous/Ferric Iron and Titanium, the green sapphire contains a higher concentration of iron than titanium.
-Yellow colour are defined by a higher concentration of Ferric Iron. 

Each stone exhibits the natural artistry of the earth. Some are more subtly patterned whilst others are vividly expressive. Their appearances can change drastically due to the varying levels of minerals within the stones. With no two sapphires the same, these striking stones are truly one-of-a-kind and impossible to replicate. They do not change in colour when exposed to the light, but can reveal new patterns at every angle. The most highly skilled gem cutters will work carefully to maximise the colour zones, therefore these sapphires can be cut in less traditional shapes.

Every gemstone is a masterpiece. Each sapphire is different, every sapphire is distinct.

Parti Sapphires originate predominantly within Australia, with the largest producer from Anakie, Queensland. Other origins include Montana, USA and Africa (Madagascar, Tanzania and Nigeria).  Parti & Teal Sapphires are graded like other sapphires in terms of carat, cut and clarity, but it is the colour that sets them apart. Parti & Teal Sapphires have the same qualities as any other sapphire. They have a hardness rating of 9 on the MOH scale with great strength and durability.

Our TERRA Sapphire rings stay true to Australian heritage and are ethically sourced from Central Queensland. These coveted gemstone rings are a limited edition collection. A visit to our store will allow you to assess each unique colour and pattern from every angle.

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