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Ways to Personalise your Engagement Ring

An Engagement Ring symbolises the eternal bond between two lovers, representing their love and the beginning of their lifelong journey together. With such a special ring, the ability to add your personal touch makes it all the more meaningful. Whether you want to modify an existing setting with a beautiful detail or create something completely unique, there are endless ways to personalise your Diamond Ring! Select from different golds, diamonds and design elements to add your unique personal touches.

There are countless stunning designs available, but for something that is one and only here are some of our ideas: 

Choose a Unique Diamond Cut
Fancy cut diamonds are a beautiful way to personalise your Engagement Ring and guarantee to capture attention. Diamond shapes such as Lozenge Cut, Heart Cut, Trilliant Cut, Hexagon Cut, Lily Cut, Baguette Cut, Kite Cut are rare and distinctive choices for Engagement Rings. These unique diamonds are uncommon and an ideal way to create a wow factor. Fancy cuts make a perfect choice for those who desire something a little more out of the ordinary.    

Add a Hidden Halo

A Hidden halo is a row of tiny little diamonds that encircle the centre stone between the claws. Hidden Halo designs have the appearance of a regular solitaire design from above, and reveal their sparkly hidden detail at an angle or a side view. Hidden halos are a fantastic idea for those who want a little extra embellishment without compromising the appearance of a traditional solitaire. Their placement can sit higher and border the girdle of the diamond, sit centre in the middle, or at a lower/collar placement. They are a beautiful and subtle addition to many ring designs! 

Adjusting Size and Scale of Diamond Bands

Adjusting the size and proportions of the diamonds within the band has a profound impact on the overall design. Thicker and more substantial bands have a bold visual impact and allow for multiple diamonds. Tapered and smaller bands are feminine in appearance and give the illusion of a floating centre diamond. It is all about your personal preference and what resonates with your style! Do you prefer small, delicate finer jewellery pieces? Or heavier, more significant pieces? Slimmer diamond bands look refined and graceful. Generously sized diamonds look blingy and bring weight and comfort to the ring. Get creative with your vision! For the most unique bands choose diamond shapes such as oval or marquise cuts - or alternate different shapes for something even more distinctive.

Add a Birthstone
Incorporating a birthstone or a gemstone that holds personal significance is a great way to add a personal touch to your ring. It may be the month you or your partner were born or the month your child was born. Perhaps neither - you just want a pop of colour in your ring! There are many options to include a birthstone into the design. It may be the star of the show as your main centre or have a more subtle placement as a peekaboo stone or as sidestones.

Add an Extra Halo
The addition of a halo around any centre stone is a stunning option to customise your ring. From a distance a diamond halo will give the illusion of one large centre Diamond. You may even add more than one and create a double-halo ring! It all depends on your desired vision. Get creative with coloured diamonds or gemstones to create a colourful dazzling border. Halo designs give maximum finger coverage without the high price tag.  

Pick a Two Stone Ring
Why choose one diamond when you can have two? Two stone-rings (also known as toi et moi styles) allow for mixing different shapes and cuts together. Opt for two diamonds, one diamond and one precious gemstone, or two gemstones. The most popular combination is one diamond and one gemstone placed together. Two stone rings look particularly modern and minimalistic. There are also no rules on sizing and ratios. Depending on the look you are after you may select two stones with similar sizing/carat weight or have a main centerpiece with a smaller complementing stone by its side.  

Choosing contrasting Yellow Gold Band
18ct Yellow Gold is a traditional design choice to personalise your Engagement Ring. A yellow gold band combined with diamonds creates a beautiful glimmering finish. Yellow Gold has had a revival moment in Engagement Rings as they are simplistic in style and a pleasant contrast to a White Diamond. 18ct Yellow Gold is ideal for those who favour a classic and long-established style. It is also a great idea for those who prefer yellow gold pieces and looking to match with their other jewellery/watches.

Adding Diamonds Designs under the Centre Stone 
The underside of the setting beneath the claws of the Engagement Ring is a perfect opportunity to personalise and bling out your design. An otherwise simple setting can be elevated by adding pave diamonds along the bridge and cornet of the ring. We have had many clients design diamond collar halos which wrap around the base or even diamond bow-designs. You can ice out the claws that cradle the centre diamond with pave diamonds. The sky's the limit when it comes to the addition of smaller diamonds!

There are limitless possibilities when it comes to bringing your Ring vision to life.
At Janai Melbourne our extensive range of Engagement Ring designs are entirely customisable.  With more than 4000 designs to choose from, collaborate with our jewellery designers to choose every single design element and develop a unique ring that truly reflects your style. Add your personal touch that captures the essence of your relationship for a ring that will be cherished forever.

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