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Unveiling Opulence: our most valuable necklace

Every diamond piece at JANAI tells a story, but some shine brighter than others. Our client's diamond necklace is a masterpiece that holds a special place in our hearts at JANAI. This necklace certainly reigns supreme and is the most valuable piece we’ve ever crafted. 

This exquisite Diamond Necklace boasts 69 Natural Diamonds collectively weighing an astounding 58.52cts. 

Its journey began with intense planning as our director spent countless weeks personally sourcing each and every single diamond. Over a course of 4 to 5 weeks he hand selected an astonishing 69 diamonds not only to ensure the highest quality but also to harmoniously match. It’s a labour of love and our director's commitment to perfection that made this diamond necklace possible.

The necklace features a total of 58.52ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds, each GIA certified with laser inscription. Every diamond boasts an excellent cut, polish and symmetry with no fluorescence. They are chosen for their brilliance to the highest quality.

What sets this necklace apart is the presence of hearts and arrows cut for every diamond. A rarity that represents less than 1% of all the world’s diamond supply, requiring 3-4 times longer to craft than traditional diamond cuts. Together creating the collective brilliance of one of our most exquisite creations. 

All natural diamonds, all GIA Certified and laser inscribed, Triple Excellent (Cut Polish and Symmetry), with no fluorescence. 

3.12ct E VS1

3.03ct E VS1

3.01ct E VS1

6 x 2.00ct D VVS2

8 x 1.20ct D VVS2

12 x 0.80ct D VVS2

40 x 0.45ct D VVS2

Beyond its sheer brilliance is the meticulous attention to detail, every diamond has been carefully set by hand. Showcasing JANAI’s craftsmanship and passion, each of the 69 diamonds have been intricately aligned to achieve the ultimate symmetry and balance. It was a laborious process that demanded patience, skill and an unwavering commitment to excellence.  

Anchoring the necklace is an exceptional 3.12ct Diamond Centre Stone inspiring awe and admiration with its beauty. This necklace is a beacon of elegance, a reflection of our clients unique style and personality. 

Beneath the shimmering facade is the story of dedication, love and patience to transform these diamonds into one of the greatest achievements from JANAI. An impressive necklace of the rarest kind.  

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