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The best Engagement Ring Styles for WIDER FINGERS

Finding a flattering Engagement Ring Style in Melbourne

Engagement Rings are not one-size-fits-all. Instead they demand a bespoke approach to ensure a design that complements your hands and sits gracefully on the finger. Whilst the ideal symbol of love considers the setting style and cut/clarity of the diamond - an equally important aspect is the fit and proportions of the ring. For those with fingers on the fuller side, navigating flattering Engagement Ring styles tailored to accentuate the grace of the hand has many exquisite options to choose from!

Before we recommend the most flattering styles, we will explain the definition of wider fingers.  Wider or fuller fingers are often referred to as those with broader hands, fingers and knuckles. This can pose a unique challenge when selecting rings that can sometimes fit too snug or fail to achieve the desired aesthetic harmony.  Wider fingers deserve a ring that complements the hand to ensure style, comfort and flattering for the wearer. It’s actually quite simple things like the interplay of proportions to really elongate and create a slender appearance on the hand. To custom design an Engagement Ring that really takes into consideration your individuality and person style.

In our mini-series we will explore the best ring styles for shorter fingers, longer fingers and wider fingers. And the good news is, you don’t need to compromise on style. 

In this guide we will cover the best Engagement Ring designs for WIDER FINGERS.

Here are the Engagement Ring styles we recommend to try:   

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Medium to Thicker bands

Embracing a wider band in an Engagement Ring design creates a sense of balance on the finger as well as creating strength in the design. Wider fingers can pull off a thicker style meaning brides-to-be have more options for larger diamonds along the band. Opting for a medium and thicker style band will look more proportionate on the finger without overwhelming the hand. It’s essential not to go too overboard, moderation is key as to not look too excessive and chunky where the ring no longer looks refined. 

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Larger diamonds

Wider fingers boast ample space to gracefully support a larger diamond, allowing for a bold statement whilst maintaining a tasteful and sophisticated appearance. This balance between opulence and refinement works particularly well when a larger diamond is elevated in a Solitaire of Cathedral setting, serving to streamline the hand. Engagement Rings with larger centre diamonds or bolder diamond settings are not only extremely flattering, but will captivate the eyes of many.

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Cluster designs

With their air of regal elegance, wider fingers can easily carry a cluster design Engagement Ring. Set with multiple diamonds or gemstones placed closely together, cluster designs are arranged in no particular pattern or design. Instead they incorporate a variety of arrangements and combine many stones in different designs that always keep them interesting. With this style you can allow your creativity to run wild. Many create nature-inspired designs based on florals or choose one accent stone and design around this.

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Toi et Moi rings 

Toi et Moi rings are a unique and asymmetrical style that is incredibly flattering for wider fingers. The style name translating to “you and me” in French features two diamonds nestled together (usually on a plain gold band) is symbolic of two hearts uniting. The diamonds often positioned a little offset to one another are designed to accommodate the exact size and shape of diamonds you desire. Popular pairing include Oval & Pear, Emerald & Pear, Round & Pair, offering endless combinations of pairing. This very on-trend design is ideal for complementing wider fingers. 

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Split Shank Rings

Split shank rings offer a clever optical trick, visually narrowing the finger by creating the illusion of two separate bands. This design element not only complements the width of the finger but also gracefully occupies more surface area on the finger. Adding a touch of sophistication and harmoniously balancing the proportions on the finger. This style is also more uncommon for a more unique option, as well as the bonus of this style offering an extra brand for more diamonds for an extra sparkly look. 

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East-West settings

Traditional settings position the centre stone vertically - whilst east-west settings rotate the diamond horizontally. This unique orientation can complement wider fingers to draw the eye across rather than down. The innovative setting will balance the width of the finger, not to mention this unique style has a very distinctive and contemporary look. 

When choosing your dream Engagement Ring in Melbourne, there are many styles to flatter and suit wider fingers. Between settings with thicker brands that offer stability, larger diamonds that command attention and toi et moi/cluster designs captivate the eye -  there are many options to select from. By considering factors such as the band width, setting style and the shape of the diamond there are countless engagement ring designs that will complement wider and fuller fingers. With a thoughtful blend of proportions and design elements, you’ll be sure to find a beautiful Engagement Ring for your unique finger shape and one that provides a comfortable and perfect fit.

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