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Questions to ask BEFORE buying your Engagement Ring

Advice from our team of diamond experts

Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring can be without a doubt, a daunting task. Between the limitless choice of design styles, to absorbing a tonne of technical information about diamond specifications - many have resigned themselves to feeling overwhelmed. We can understand why when there are many designs and conflicting professional opinions out there. But purchasing an engagement ring does not need to be a complicated event!  

The most satisfied clients are those that put the time and effort into the process. In fact just asking yourself some simple questions will put you on the path to your dream Engagement Ring.  Asking these questions can help you refine the most important qualities of your Diamond Engagement Ring. Whether it is the technical aspects of the diamond, the silhouette of the setting, or priorities surrounding the budget - there are many things to consider. 

If you’re ready to purchase your Engagement Ring, here are the questions to ask yourself! So you're in the best position for a dream proposal!  

What's your Design inspiration? 
This is a hugely important question and one that can often be the most difficult decision to make. But it's essential to establish your desires and wishes in order to create your dream Engagement Ring. Envision the shape of the centre diamond and discover whether you are drawn to classic, vintage, glamorous or modern designs for engagement rings. When there are so many breathtaking options available, your best start is to bring all of your inspiration together.

By gathering all of your inspiration photos and videos you will begin to notice patterns in the styles you are most drawn to. That over time will become the core style elements of your custom engagement ring.  

It’s important to put together your inspiration so you are able to clearly convey your inspiration and share your vision. Then it can be developed and fine tuned to create your custom engagement ring design by our talented team. You may like a certain part of one ring and elements of another. These form part of the explanation of how you can combine them together. It’s absolutely possible to incorporate many design features into your own custom Engagement Ring in Melbourne. These personalised touches add sentimental value when creating your unique design and make sure you end up with exactly what you wish for. 

What’s your Diamond Preference for Cut/Shape?
From your design you likely would have chosen your Centre diamond shape. But if not, this is your next question to ask before buying your engagement ring! The most popular shape is the traditional Round Brilliant Cut diamond (around 80% of diamonds are crafted into this shape), then there is also the unique appeal of elongated fancy shapes such as Oval, Cushion, Pear, Radiant, Emerald, Marquise, Princess and Asscher cuts.

They are all stunning options and each boast their own unique qualities. Brilliant-Cuts are fiery with their star-like faceting pattern, they capture the maximum amount of light and sparkle intensely. Step-Cut have a more refined and elegant look that is likened to a hall of mirrors, with a more subtle white flashing sparkle. Radiant-Cut offers a glittery sparkle with their exceptional radiance and mesmorising fire.   

Pears, Oval and Marquise offer an elongated look that can be extremely flattering covering a large area on the finger. Rectangular shapes of Radiant, Emerald, Elongated Cushions are striking with their endless charm. The craftsmanship behind these fancy cuts are truly remarkable.   

There are many breathtaking options available. In-store at JANAI you can view all of these loose diamonds in our store window and in our downstairs showroom. We advise to have a look in person to see how the diamond sparkles and see up close their unique faceting patterns. Comparing their shape and cut will allow you to find the diamond that speaks to you and matches your aesthetic. 

Lab-Grown or Natural Diamond?
Not all diamonds are created the same. Natural diamonds are formed deep within the earth under extreme pressures and temperatures, where Lab Diamonds are created from a real diamond seed and grown in a controlled laboratory environment. Natural diamonds tend to be associated with tradition and romance and Lab Grown diamonds are the modern alternative. 

Wondering how they compare? They are both pure carbon and both real diamonds. Both are graded by forensic labs under the same criteria (The Diamonds 4C’s) to determine their quality. They both have the same chemical and We often refer to Lab-Grown Diamonds as IVF Diamond babies. The only difference is how they’re conceived. Our diamond experts can explain all of the differences to you in-store to assist in your decision.

Lab Diamonds are the newer option and often chosen due to their affordability where Natural Diamonds are picked for their traditional value, rich in symbolism and splendor. Knowing a diamond took billions of years to form within the earth certainly has quite a story to tell. Both have the luxurious look and brilliant sparkle you expect from a diamond. We advise you to run this idea past your loved one. Some have their heart set on a natural diamond and would be quite disappointed to find out otherwise.

What's your desired Diamond Quality?
If you dive into the fascinating world of diamonds you will begin to uncover the insider knowledge of diamond grading. These are referred to as the 4C’s and are used to describe each diamond's unique characteristics. When you become familiar with Diamond CUT, COLOUR, CLARITY and CARAT you will grow a brief understanding around the beauty and value of a diamond. All of these features affect how bright, white and sparkly a diamond appears and how valuable they are. By picking up these terms and references you’ll gather invaluable knowledge to guide you towards your own perfect centre stone.

All reputable gemological laboratories use the 4C’s criteria to assess a diamond’s quality. Each certified diamond will receive a corresponding certificate, which is a professional review by an expert gemologist from inside a forensic laboratory. A diamond grader will document every individual diamond's attributes against the 4C’s and will list any other special features they may possess on this diamond certificate.

As you discover a little about these 4C’s you can quickly tell if a diamond matches up with your desires. You might even change your mind about a diamond when you look over its grading. This assessment checks for things that aren’t visible to the average eye. It requires a skilled expert and the help of technology. What you once thought was an amazing diamond may be something else when you see its certificate.

You can ask our diamond specialists if you’re not sure. They will best advise you based on your preferences and what is important to you. Whether that is the biggest diamond, the purest diamond or the sparkliest diamond (or all of them!). Then our team can assist you in sourcing your desired centre stone. 

18ct White Gold, 18ct Yellow Gold? Diamond Band? Additional style features
Will the Engagement Ring match your existing jewellery collection? Or make a subtle distinction and stand out all on its own? Your personality is reflected in the type of metal chosen for your Engagement Ring. 

18ct White Gold is mixed with palladium based alloys to keep its bright and white colour. Whereas 18ct Yellow Gold is mixed with copper and silver based alloys to produce its beautiful golden colour. Both are long lasting and durable choices for Engagement rings, the only difference is in relation to their appearance.

There is no right or wrong, but most of us do have an answer that feels more like ‘you’ and aligns with your style. The colour of gold plays a vital role in terms of aesthetics and the appeal for the Engagement Ring and this is a deeply personal choice. 

Then there are the additional style features in terms of the Engagement Ring setting. You might be surprised by the small details that become really important to you. Do you want a classic solitaire or cathedral ring? A halo or hidden halo? How many or which shape claws? Do you want a fully encrusted diamond band and claws? Something a little more simple and streamlined? Are you looking for something elegant and timeless? Or fully blinged out?
Begin to think about all these ways to personalise your ring. 

Establishing a Budget and Priorities 
After you have a clear vision around what exactly you would like your Engagement Ring to look like, it’s time to set your budget and priorities around the diamond. This figure will look different for everyone depending on their income, financial situation and priorities. The majority of any budget will go towards the centre diamond of an Engagement ring. How you define the amount you wish to spend and where value lies is completely up to you.  

Before you step in-store it's advised that you have a figure in mind that you are comfortable spending. This way you can easily make a decision about your centre diamond and you’re less likely to get swayed or overwhelmed by the selection process. Your budget will serve as a basis which then you can figure out your priorities for the diamond. 

Then consider the must-haves that you will not compromise on. Perhaps that is having a natural diamond, or maybe a certain cut or clarity is on the top of your list. List them of importance accordingly. You can ask yourself what carat weight diamond you wish for?  This will alleviate any pressure during the decision making process, where to allocate your resources and what are the most important aspects of the ring.  

Discovering your Size
As we are a custom jeweller at Janai, every Engagement Ring will be made to order to your exact design and specifications. Before you buy your engagement ring make sure your finger size has been measured (this is super quick to do! But tremendously important so the ring is comfortable and fits on the finger) as well deciding on your desired Diamond Size. Nothing ruins a proposal quicker than a ring that does not fit! Australian ring sizes range from A to Z 

When the engagement ring is crafted it will all be adjusted and made in accordance with the measurements of your centre stone for a harmonious design. Bands can be made thicker or thinner on request if there is a certain look or style you have your heart set on. Otherwise our experts will perfectly proportion the ring. All of our clients will receive a hand-sketch before any jewellers begin any work, so you will give the final approval before we proceed. 

Now you’re ready to begin
Designing a custom engagement ring involves many decisions, from the type of diamond (which shape, lab-grown or natural, how many carats) to the type of gold (18ct yellow gold, 18ct white gold) 

Deciding on your Engagement Ring is an exciting moment. Especially when you are blessed with so many beautiful diamonds to choose from. Awaiting your proposal from the love of your life with a diamond ring is the moment every little girl dreams about. 

At JANAI, we are the largest custom design house for Engagement Rings in Australia. Our store is filled with loose diamonds which are then hand-set into the Engagement/Wedding ring design of your choice. We set ourselves apart by perfecting the concept of personalisation. Every Engagement ring at JANAI is made-to-order and completely customisable. 

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