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Obsessed with Radiant Cut Diamonds? Try these designs for your Engagement Ring

Finding the perfect Radiant Cut Engagement Ring in Melbourne is thrilling yet can be intimidating with so many options available. We’ll admit when venturing into the world of diamonds it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the variety of styles and designs.

Choosing the diamond shape is one of the biggest decisions, so if you’ve chosen Radiant Cut you’re already halfway to your dream Engagement Ring! If you’re drawn to the glittery sparkle of Radiant Cut Diamonds - you’re not alone - they are definitely having their moment right now! With 70 facets in total, they offer an incredible shimmering sparkle like no other diamond cut. The next exciting step is choosing your setting to complement this glittering beauty. 

Fortunately Radiant Cut diamonds work interchangeably in a variety of styles. You may experiment playing with sizes, proportions, diamond bands, claws and hidden halos, but where do you begin?

Should you need Radiant Cut Style inspiration to find the design you love, check out these below!

radiant cut solitaire engagement ring melbourne

Radiant Solitaire
The Radiant Solitaire is the most timeless and classic style you can choose as it shows the beauty of the diamond cut in its purest form. The Radiant Solitaire design is characterised by one single centre stone set prominently on an 18ct gold band, allowing the Radiant diamond to sparkle in all its glory. You really can’t go wrong with this silhouette, as the timeless design is a classic which exudes elegance and sophistication. The clean lines and minimalist design of a solitaire also means it can pair effortlessly with almost any wedding band for your bridal set. Solitaires are definitely worth the hype. 

radiant cut diamond pave ring melbourne

Radiant Diamond Pave with Hidden Halo and Diamonds up the Claws
For those desiring something a little more glamorous, the Radiant Diamond Pave with hidden halo and diamonds up the claws is an exquisite choice. This design is ideal for those who are opting for a classic design but wish for a little something extra. This Engagement Ring style features intricate details that you only see up close - a hidden halo wrapping and tiny diamonds scaling the claws. These elements add that extra unique glisten without detracting from the main centre Radiant Diamond. The result is a breath taking ring that exudes refinement. Perfect for a modern bride to add some dimension to the ring with a pave twist.

radiant trilogy engagement ring melbourne


Radiant Trilogy
The Radiant Trilogy features three radiant-cut diamonds. Traditionally a trilogy ring will feature a larger centre stone which is complimented by two smaller accent diamonds either side. But our design features three larger diamonds together in harmony. Because, why have one diamond when you can have three? Trilogy rings are believed to symbolise the past, present and future of a couple’s love story together. This engagement ring instantly lends to a regal feel and will feel more expensive with this striking design - especially with bigger diamonds. Set on a plain 18ct gold band this elevates the overall design and lets the diamonds shine.

radiant cut engagement ring hidden halo

Radiant Cathedral setting with Diamond Bridge, Diamonds up the Claws, Hidden Halo and Classic Diamond Band
A cathedral setting elevates the Radiant Diamond to new heights, allowing light to enter the centre stone from all angles for an intense brilliance. Additional diamonds set on the claws and band accentuate the femininity of the design of this Engagement Ring. The diamond bridge adds a touch of glamour and sophistication. Whilst this design is fully encrusted with diamonds, it remains strikingly modern. Ideal for the bride who is looking for a statement piece who loves a Radiant Cut centre.

radiant diamond halo engagement ring melbourne

Radiant Diamond Halo in Cathedral Setting with Diamond Bridge, Diamonds up the Claws and Classic Diamond Band
Combining elegance and grandeur, this Engagement Ring design with diamond details is a real show stopper. This Radiant Cut Diamond halo design offers a blend of vintage charm combined with modern elegance. Paired with a cathedral setting and the beautiful detailing along the diamond bride and diamonds set along the claws. The halo setting surrounding the Radiant Diamond amplifies the fire of the centre stone, giving the illusion of an even larger stone. Perfect for the bride who has a romantic and vintage style.

radiant cut diamond engagement ring diamond band melbourne

Radiant Hidden Halo with Classic Diamond Band
The Radiant Diamond Cut Hidden Halo is a chic and contemporary choice for any bride. Featuring a hidden halo encircling beneath the centre diamond, this style adds a hidden touch of sparkle and intrigue without taking any attention away from the main stone. The diamond band also adds depth to the entire design for that little extra sparkle. This Engagement Ring design has been our most popular choice for brides-to-be this past year - and we can understand why with its refined glamour and sparkling beauty. It has all the desirable elements of a beautiful Engagement Ring. 

radiant cut hidden halo engagement ring melbourne

Radiant Hidden Halo with Bigger Diamond Band
This design is a subtle variation on the previous Engagement Ring but with a slightly bolder and more extravagant look. Adjusting the diamond size in the band can actually give an entirely different style. This Radiant Cut ring is striking, especially when stacked against a thicker diamond wedding band for a real statement. An additional bonus is that thicker diamond band Engagement Rings are also stronger compared to anything delicate and dainty. Making them not only bold and breathtaking, but a more durable design.

Engagement Ring settings have the transformative power to completely change the entire look and style of the diamond. There is a Radiant Cut Diamond setting to suit every taste and preference. We have many options for Radiant Cut Diamonds ready to be impeccably crafted into the design of your choice. Whichever you choose, our expert team at JANAI will be here to bring your dream ring to life in Melbourne.

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