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How to AVOID buying bad Diamonds Online

Online shopping has become more and more popular in recent years due to its convenience. Although the idea of purchasing a diamond online does seem appealing at first sight, it is not recommended as you won’t be able to see the diamond at its true value and physical characterstics. There are many tools and tactics used online in hopes to trick you into buying a diamond that are not reflective of its true appearance in person. Keep reading below to find out more! 

1. Colour and brightness can be affected by lighting and monitor

The appearance of a diamond’s colour can change drastically depending on the lighting that is used when photographing. As seen from the picture above, when using a warm natural light a diamond can appear warmer and darker whereas when using a cool light a diamond can appear cooler and brighter. Not only that, the colour can also vary when looking at diamonds on different phones and computer screen monitors. This can be misleading especially when you aren’t properly educated on diamonds. You may also be disappointed when you do see the diamond in person as the colour may differ from what is presented on screen. 

2. Inclusions may be hidden from the angles taken

diamond angle issue

You will notice that when you do look online for a diamond, they are only shown from particular angles. This means you won’t be able to see how clean the diamond is at all angles. Some merchants are clever and use certain angles to hide inclusions making the diamond appear cleaner than it truly is. For example, the same diamond is pictured in the image above at a different angle affecting how it looks.

3. Use of editing tools

Nowadays most images and videos seen online have been edited to some degree. This is the same with online diamonds, just like those some posts social media influencers share online. Some editing tools used could be in relation to contrast, exposure, highlights, shadows, brightness, saturation, vibrance, warmth, tint, sharpness and etcetera. Depending on the level of these tools used, your diamond can look very different in person in comparison from what is shown online.

4. A diamond’s lustre is not visible

diamond luster issue

A diamond’s lustre is its raw material and it is one of the most important elements to consider when purchasing a diamond. The nature of the material will determine the diamond’s light performance and its level of brilliance, fire, sparkle, and light symmetry. When a diamond has poor lustre, it will appear hazy or milky. The diamond’s true lustre can be hidden online and especially as websites do not let you know what level of luster the diamond is. Even when a diamond is highly ranked on the 4C’s grading scale, it can appear like a lower ranked diamond if its lustre is poor. Ultimately, upsetting you when you see it in person.

5. Brown, yellow, grey, and green tints are not visible on photos and videos

diamond tint issue

When diamond graders grade diamonds, the diamond is placed loosely and upside down rather than from the top. This means that brown, yellow, grey, and green tints are not taken into consideration during the colour grading process as these tints are visible only from the top of the diamond. Therefore, these tints are separate from a diamond's colour grade and this is the reason why colours can appear different even at the same grade. 

It is important you are not tricked into buying a diamond with these tints as you can be let down when you see it in person. This information is not provided online and the tints can also be edited to deceive you. As per the image above, it is difficult to differentiate the yellow brown tints from yellow tints as they can appear to be the same. You want to make sure your diamond is either white or only has yellow tints and not the contrary. Please be careful and aware before you get disheartened. 

Ideally, you want to inspect your diamond in-person to see clearly its visual appearance. With such a significant and sentimental purchase it is imperative to see all of a diamonds unique and beautiful qualities with your own eyes. Purchasing from a reputable jeweller also has the bonus of excellent aftercare services 

Janai takes pride in offering exceptional aftercare services and to all of our clients. We offer complimentary cleaning, checking and tightening services for life, and are always willing to help and provide professional advice on the spot. With the addition of jewellers being on-site, we are able to analyse the condition of your fine jewellery instantly. 

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