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Comparing Diamonds - Brilliant Cut or Step Cut

Designing your Engagement Ring in Melbourne 

At the heart of any diamond's beauty is the way in which they capture and reflect light from within their facets. Anyone preparing to design an Engagement Ring in Melbourne or exquisite piece of diamond jewellery will come across two very distinct faceting patterns within whichever stone they choose. Beneath the beauty of every diamond lies the intricate alignment of a multitude of facets captivating admirers with their brilliant sparkle. In the world of diamond cutting, there lies two distinct types of faceting patterns: the Brilliant Cut and the Step Cut.  Each has their own unique charm and characteristics, catering to different tastes and preferences.

Before the beauty of an exquisite polished diamond, a master diamond cutter must decide from a rough which shape and diamond cut to choose to highlight its exceptional beauty.
They must determine which shape and faceting pattern they will create based on the characteristics of the stone. The way a diamond captures and reflects light is a spectacle that never fails to captivate.

There are two distinct faceting patterns. Beyond their undeniable brilliance of a diamond are two very distinct faceting patterns. One will produce flashes of light whilst the other will display a glittering sparkle.

In this article we will explore the differences, pros and cons of each, and explain what sets these two iconic cuts apart.

Brilliant Cut Diamonds: 

The Brilliant Cut Diamonds are unmatched with their brilliance and fire. Crafted with 57 precisely arranged facets, brilliant cut diamonds possess the ability to maximise the reflection and refraction of light within the stone. The facets of a Brilliant Cut act as prisms, breaking down light into its spectral colours and scattering them back in a breathtaking display of radiance. The result is a spectacular sparkle and Round Brilliant Cut diamonds are the most recognised and popular type of cut.

Brilliant Cut Diamonds are incredibly versatile and are produced in a wide range of shapes including Round Brilliant Cut, Oval Brilliant Cut, Cushion Brilliant Cut, Pear Brilliant Cut and Marquise Brilliant Cut. Brilliant Cuts proudly disperse light evenly to create a fiery display makes them a popular choice for Engagement Rings and Fine Jewellery pieces. However, the intricate cutting process required to achieve the ideal Brilliant Cut means that a higher amount of rough diamond material is wasted, making these diamonds potentially more expensive than other shapes. 

Triangular and kite-shaped facets work together creating a star-like pattern within the diamond, allowing light to shine through the stone and emerge with breath-taking intensity. One of the key features of the Brilliant Cuts is their symmetrical faceting which contributes to their fiery brilliance. This play of light is further enhanced by the precise angles of the cut, which ensure optimal light performance from every angle.

Step Cut Diamonds: 

Step Cut Diamonds offer a faceting pattern with clean lines and a subtle display of their natural beauty without the glittery sparkle. Also crafted with 57 facets, Step Cut Diamonds feature long, rectangular or square shaped facets arranged in parallel lines resembling a “hall of mirrors”. This Sleek and streamlined appearance are often found in vintage and art-deco fine jewellery, adding a touch of timeless elegance to Engagement Ring designs. 

Step Cut Diamonds prioritize clarity over brilliance, with their linear faceting pattern draws the eye deep into the heart of the stone. The long, open facets leave no place for inclusions to hide, making clarity a key consideration for Step Cut Diamonds. The purest and highest quality diamonds are often crafted into Step Cut shapes to showcase the inner characteristics of the diamond and highlight their unmatched clarity and transparency. Step-cuts can disguise their colour more easily.

Step Cut diamonds are prized for their graceful appearance and ability to preserve more carat weight in the diamond cutting process. This is why the rarest and flawless diamonds are often cut into step-cut shapes. Clairty is a key consideration for step-cuts as they display the inner characteristics of the diamond. 

Emerald Cut, Asscher Cut and Baguette are among the most popular Step Cut Diamond shapes with their unique geometric appearance and distinctive brilliance. The faceting pattern of Step Cut diamonds directs light in a more controlled manner with their clean lines, resulting in a subtle flashing sparkle. The faceting pattern won't direct light in all directions. The refined hall of mirrors create a mesmerising interplay of light from the long lines associated with Step Cut Diamonds, showcasing their clarity as observers peer into their depths.  

Choosing the Perfect Diamond for your Engagement Ring: 

By now, you may be familiar with a coveted diamond shape that you want for your engagement ring in Melbourne. The cut will not only showcase the exceptional craftsmanship but also influence the way they sparkle and intriguing faceting patterns within the stone.

Whichever cut you choose, it will be sure to draw attention and admiration for their captivating beauty. If you’re drawn to the fiery brilliance and versatility of Brilliant Cut or the elegance and refinement of the Step Cut, they both have their own distinct advantages and appeal. When you’re designing your Engagement Ring in Melbourne or creating a piece of fine jewellery, choose the Diamond Cut that speaks to your unique style. 

Whether you opt for the brilliance of a Brilliant Cut diamond or the elegance of a Step Cut a diamond ring has the unique ability to draw the attention of many with their vivid sparkle.

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