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Are round Solitaire Rings boring?

Chances are if you hear the words “Engagement Ring”, the image that springs to mind is a Round Brilliant Diamond ring. This iconic design has transcended time as the favoured style for more than 150 years. The round Solitaire Engagement Ring design features a single brilliant cut diamond prominently on the band. It reigns supreme in the world of jewellery as a classic ring that showcases the incredible cut of a diamond as the centre stone is the main focus and star of the show.
With so many options now around Engagement ring styles and customisation. Are round Solitaire Rings outdated and boring?    

Harmonious to the eye and the pinnacle of beauty for many, the solitaire Engagement Ring is widely appreciated. Part of the reason is the traditional element as a classic piece that will never go out of style. The Engagement Ring design is simple, classic and accentuates the centre diamond with no side stones. Its proportions are balanced giving a sophisticated appearance that is highly desirable for such a timeless piece.

A round Solitaire Design doesn’t need to be boring or appear outdated. It can be highly personal, incorporating many variations on settings/profile designs and hidden halos to add your unique touch. Our clients come to us because they want something custom that feels special to them. The solitaire setting can be created in such a way to look modern and fresh whilst still capturing the essential traditional aesthetic.

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Our most popular solitaire rings are our classic rose and classic tulip designs. A variation on a traditional cathedral setting, the gold round-shape claws extend from the band arching into a stunning floral design to boldly elevate the centre diamond. Taking the best qualities of a classic round solitaire in a modern interpretation, these settings allow an incredible amount of light to enter through facets of the stone whilst the diamond also being held securely in place. These designs are crafted for maximum visibility of the centre diamond and increase the amount of light exposure - creating exceptional brilliance. 

Round Solitaire rings predominantly feature claw settings. Elevated four or six claw settings let light flood inside the diamond to produce an intense sparkle. It also means the diamond is visible from all angles of the ring. The solitaire style produces captivating scintillation of the diamond and an incredible light return. Round Brilliant Diamonds have the highest refractive index and glimmer the brightest out of all the cuts. Around 75% of all diamond roughs will be cut into round cuts fit.

The Round Brilliant cut diamond has been refined over time, producing an unrivaled light performance. We believe this is why people can’t get enough and keep gravitating back to this style time and time again. It still appears modern, brilliant and never boring. The round cut features 58 angular facets to produce intense fire and sparkle. It is the only diamond shape that can achieve a triple excellent grading from GIA (excellent cut, polish and symmetry), the angles and symmetry of the cut are precisely calculated to reflect light rays many times like a mirror within the stone before dispersing and sparkling brilliantly.

If you are worried about the ring appearing outdated or too common, customising a round Solitaire Ring will assure you make it your own. Adapting the form and shape of the precious metals within the setting and/or adding hidden details underneath the main stone can refresh the style and add a unique touch. Pave diamonds can be added to the claws or surrounding a basket or addition of a hidden halo can surround the centre stone and personalise a more simple silhouette. These little touches will not detract from the entire emphasis being on the centre diamond and its captivating sparkle. But add some interest

A round solitaire design is also the most functional of all of the rings. They are the easiest to clean and plain bands make them the simplest and most straightforward to resize. Ideal proportions bounce light and disperse light from the bottom of the diamond through the table for the ultimate fire and brilliance. They are also the most versatile of rings when it comes to pairing with a wedding band. Your personality can shine through with the bridal set as they can be mixed and matched with almost any band to create totally different looks. 

Solitaire Rings aren’t boring. There is beauty in simplicity. 
The design has been embraced because of the pure focus solely on the centre diamond, the proportions are balanced giving a sophisticated appearance. One thing to be said is that the solitaire design has endured the test of time. A style that is eternally chic, It has an understated elegance and timeless appeal that many appreciate. Sometimes the most simple designs are the best. Solitaire Rings will not be the choice for everybody - especially those who admire elaborate, blingy or intricate antique designs. Your Engagement Ring is highly personal and should suit your individual taste and style. Book your consultation with us to create your custom Engagement Ring in Melbourne below and figure out which design is right for you.

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