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What Colour Should Engagement Rings be?

What Colour Should Engagement Rings be?
Choosing the right precious metal for your engagement ring.

Gold is an extremely versatile metal and the most popular choice for engagement rings. 18ct White Gold and 18ct Yellow Gold remain the most favoured precious metals for settings, followed by Rose Gold and Platinum. 18ct White, Yellow and Rose Gold are adored due to their stunning beauty as well as infinite variation of designs.

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A purity of 18 carat gold is recommended for Engagement Rings. The combination of metals is as pure as possible without compromising the strength and durability of the band and setting. The make-up of 18ct Gold is 75% pure gold comprised with 25% metal alloys. 18ct Gold is the most sought-after as it maintains the beautiful shades and lustre of gold, yet the quality of the metal holds diamonds and precious stones securely in place. 18ct Engagement Rings are suitable to be worn for a lifetime and considered the standard of premium quality.

Although one might assume pure 24 carat gold is a superior choice, it is too soft to be used for engagement rings. It is a more delicate and soft metal that is suited to be worn on occasion for a special event, not for everyday use. To maintain the integrity and strength of an engagement ring setting, gold will be mixed with other metal alloys such as palladium, silver and copper to further enhance its durability. This combination also determines the shade and colour of the gold, 24ct yellow gold being the brightest and richest colour whilst 9ct yellow gold will appear as the subtlest and pale shade.

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Considering your centre stone will play a large role in deciding the complimenting metal for your engagement ring. Different golds can drastically change the overall style and appearance of your ring.

18ct White Gold is a popular choice with a White Diamond. Combined together they make a harmonious union and enhance the diamond's brilliant sparkle. Mixing two metals and having a two-toned ring such as 18ct White Gold and Yellow gold is also an option to compliment any piece and be guaranteed to match your existing jewellery collection. 

To highlight the centre stone and make a bolder statement, contrasting colours such as 18ct Yellow Gold and Sapphire, or 18ct Rose Gold and Tanzanite work beautifully together to emphasise the precious main stone and make it stand out.  Different settings also lend themselves better to certain metals. Platinum is best suited to solitaire settings, and 18ct Golds are best suited to Halo and Diamond Shoulder bands.

For Diamond engagement rings, a centre stone will interact with their setting like a mirror. The metals will have an effect on the overall appearance of a diamond. Due to their many facets, diamonds are highly reflective and will mirror their claws. For Diamonds graded D, E and F, a white gold or platinum setting will elevate their beauty. This will emphasise their colourless and near colourless nature. 18ct Yellow Gold and Rose Gold prongs may reflect a faint colour to the diamond. On the contrary 18ct Yellow and 18ct Rose Gold can make a diamond graded below G appear whiter out of contrast. At Janai we go one step further and polish the interior of our settings to ensure maximum sparkle of the Diamond.

To accentuate a diamond engagement ring, you may have an 18ct Yellow Gold or 18ct Rose Gold band with an 18k White Gold prong setting. This way you show off the diamonds intense brilliance and sparkle no matter what your band preference.  

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For many clients, they instinctively have a certain style and preference. For a ring worn for a lifetime, it is best to follow your personal taste and not get caught up in fleeting trends. The most important thing - choose a design that is going to make you happy.

-18ct White Gold is a timeless classic. At Janai our 18ct gold is mixed with palladium based alloys, as they are both premium quality and hypoallergenic as they contain no nickel. White Gold is commonly mixed with palladium and silver, then finished with a Rhodium plating to enhance its overall brightness. The widest range of rings are made out of this precious metal.

-18ct Yellow Gold is a classic and traditional choice. It is strong and durable. Due to the percentage of gold the yellow colour will stay true over time. This is a very popular choice. 

-18ct Rose Gold is a romantic choice - it is more unique. It is more durable than yellow and white golds due to the copper alloy mix. The colour will not fade or change.

-Platinum is considered one of the rarest precious metals. It is naturally white and doesn’t fade over time. Platinum is also naturally hypoallergenic, so it’s a great choice for those with sensitive skin. At Janai we use Platinum 950, the most premium and purest form. We use cobalt-based alloy to enhance durability and increase its overall whiteness. 

Different metals can also naturally flatter skin undertones and colouring, Yellow/rose golds compliment warm skin tones, White gold/platinum compliments cool skin tones, and neutral skin tones suit all metals.

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Your Wedding Rings and Engagement Rings do not have to be made from the same metal, but they must be the same hardness. It is possible to mix and match any 18ct White/Yellow/Rose Gold metals with each other and they will wear together in harmony. So you may have a White Gold Engagement Ring with a Yellow Gold wedding band or another combination you desire.

You should not mix Platinum Setting Engagement/Wedding rings with 18ct Gold Engagement/Wedding rings. If you place a platinum engagement ring against a gold wedding band - the platinum will scratch and gradually wear away at the gold, as it is softer metal. Platinum rings are harder than gold, so a platinum engagement ring should only be worn against a platinum wedding band.

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A well made and good-quality engagement ring should last for generations.  Our diamond specialists can assist you with all of your custom designs, adding a unique and personal touch for your precious moments. Handcrafting an exquisite ring with Janai allows you to create a piece that is truly yours, reflecting your personal taste and style. Our bespoke service ensures you will receive the highest quality diamonds. 

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