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Your Janai Journey

Welcome to your Janai Journey! Like each ring that is personally crafted, so is your journey. Below, we have presented a simple 5-step guide to summarise the process when looking for an Engagement Ring in Melbourne and what you can expect when you embark on your Janai Journey.

1. Initial Consultation

From the second you step through our doors (even before!) you are undeniably treated like royalty. Here at Janai Jewellery, building lasting relationships is as important for us as creating your perfect diamond engagement ring. We put as much time and effort into listening to our clients and solidifying these relationships as we do in designing your dream ring.

During the consultation, you are welcome to either bring your partner or come solo. You will be greeted by one of our friendly jewellery consultants and together we will discuss your ideas of creating your picture-perfect engagement ring. As each consultant specialises in different areas of expertise, we will select the best fitting professional to sit down with you and discuss your ideas over a barista-made coffee. 

During your appointment in our Collins street showroom, your consultant will spend time sharing their extensive knowledge on all the aspects to consider when purchasing an engagement ring. This will include but won’t be limited to; diamond specifics such as the famous 4 C’s, fluorescence, symmetry, polish, and Hearts and Arrows, as well as different metal options. Don’t stress if you haven’t done any prior research, no matter if you have a million questions or none, we will offer you all the information you need to know about this exciting customisation process.

An initial consultation holds no pressure for you to secure something financially. This is simply an educational appointment for us to provide you with all the information so you can be confident in designing your dream engagement ring.

2. Diamond Shopping

Our diamond selection process comprises of more than just the 4 C’s. This means we don’t limit our search to the cut, colour, clarity and carat, but broaden our search to include every aspect of a diamond. A lot of people aren’t aware that there is more to a diamond than the 4 C’s, so we will give you a full diamond education. The reason for this is that we promote transparency and take pride in our honesty and our ethically mined diamonds. The information will be explained simply but in-depth, you will leave Janai being a diamond expert!

As leaders in the diamond industry we have high buying power and therefore have access to the best diamonds from around the world! With the biggest range of diamonds available at our fingertips, we will always be able to source the perfect diamond for your engagement ring at very competitive prices!

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