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20 Ways to Propose During Lockdown

What a wonderful time to celebrate your love and commitment to one another. Now that you have designed your custom engagement ring, it is time to think of how you are going to pop the big question. With the lockdown and social distancing rules in place, we’re going to have to get a little creative!

It can be quite a daunting process, so to help ease the nerves, we’ve composed 20 cute proposal ideas and some creative ways you can capture the moment. 

(This is a guide for current COVID-19 regulations in Victoria, Australia as of 23/04/2020)

1. Bake a Cake

    Make your fiancé to-be their favourite baked goods! (If you’re not much of a baker, maybe choose to make banana bread, this won’t be so suspicious considering all of Victoria is having a go at it!) 

    Once cooked and cooled, cut a hole in the base of the cake large enough to fit your ring box. Your loved one will be stoked that you have attempted to bake a cake but even more ecstatic when they find a diamond engagement ring inside! Just imagine the look on their face when they realise that you’re about to pop the question.

    Note: don’t forget to put the ring in the cake inside the ring box, and please don’t bake the ring into the cake!

    Tutorial: Baking

    2. Hiking

      It’s never been so appropriate to wear workout gear all day! Make sure you hide your engagement ring in a safe spot. During your hike tell them you found something on the ground and have them come and look, that’s your queue to spring the question.

      Shop: Victoria Walks

      3. Movie date night

        You’re probably almost out of Netflix shows to watch, so why not have a movie night with your favourite classics? Hook up a projector, deck out the lounge room with all the pillows & blankets in the house and add some fairy lights and candles. Pick your moment and make your big announcement!

        4. Treasure Hunt

          Create some cute notes and instructions for your partner to follow, whether it be around the house or part of your morning walk, leading them to one beautiful engagement ring. Try not to make it too long and intricate, I’m sure they’ll clue on soon!

          5. Shopping List

            If you’re both low-key, no-fuss kinds of people, here is a proposal just for you! Add to your shopping list “Will You Marry Me?” and ask her to check that we have everything written on the list before you leave the house. Have your diamond engagement ring ready and perhaps even a special afternoon planned (cook her favourite meal and finish with her favourite dessert)

            6. TikTok Dance

              So, you’ve managed to convince your partner to make a TikTok dance! After spending hours choreographing a dance, you begin to film…mid-way through your TikTok you pop the question! What a great memory to share with your kids! 

              Tutorial: TikTok Compilation

              7. Plant a Ring

                If your partner is a plant mum/dad this could be the perfect isolation proposal! During one (of many) Bunnings trips, suggest that your partner buys (another) plant. When you’re back home about to re-pot the plant, pop your diamond engagement ring on one of the stems. Alternatively, plant the ring in the stem right before your partner is ready to water their babies.

                8. Breakfast in Bed

                  Treat your special half to breakfast in bed! Brew their favourite morning cuppa in a “Will You Marry Me?” mug (written at the bottom of the inside). When they finish their drink, that’s your queue...

                  Shop: “Will You Marry Me?” Mug

                  9. Uber Eats

                    It might be cheesy (pun intended) but having “Will You Marry Me?” with a diamond engagement ring inside a pizza box is the tastiest way to propose. You won’t even have to leave the house to celebrate!

                    (Arrange with your local pizza place and delivery driver)

                    10. Family Zoom

                      What a special way to have the family involved and share your special moment! During a family zoom, have each family member hold up a synchronized sign “Will – You – Marry – Me?” And of course, don’t forget to record it!

                      Shop: Zoom

                      11. Video Games

                        If your partner is obsessed with online games, there are ways to pop the question while they are playing. Find out the details of their game (Sims/Animal Farm) and find a way to deliver your special message. Alternatively, you can buy a new game & have “Will You Marry Me?” inside the cover/box. Don’t forget to have your diamond engagement ring ready.

                        Tutorial: Video Game Proposals

                        12. Create a Book

                          If your partner is big on sentimental gestures, this is a great way to pop the big question! Draw a comic and write a short story of how the two of you got to where you are now. We can even supply a hand-drawn picture of your custom engagement ring that you can add to your comic for your final slide of popping the big question. (Just ask your consultant and we will have it prepared for you).

                          With a book, you’ll be able to preserve this special moment forever!

                          Tutorial: Make a Comic

                          13. Flower Delivery

                            Who doesn’t love a bunch of flowers? Let alone a BIG bunch of “Will You Marry Me?” flowers with a diamond engagement ring! Arrange for the special delivery with your local store and be ready when the flowers arrive, that’ll be your queue. If you want to go that extra mile, many florists have added extras like fruit boxes, soft toys, chocolate, and champagne too. Check with your favourite flower shop.

                            Here is a list of Melbourne’s Top Boutique Florists

                            14. Make a Video

                              If you’re an outgoing kind of person, you might want to show your talents off on a video proposal! Find that special moment to show the video to your partner and have your diamond engagement ring ready.

                              Tutorial: Make a Video

                              15. Cookies Delivery

                                Have customised “Will You Marry Me?” cookies delivered to your door! Find an artisan bakery to make your cookies made fresh and locally, then deliver them straight to you and your loved one. You can even order some extras and send them to your family and friends to share the good news!

                                Shop: Cookies and Crumbs - Personalised Cookies

                                16. Bike Ride

                                  If you don’t already have one, now is the best time to invest in a bike. When you stop for a break, take your partner’s helmet, and slip your diamond engagement ring inside, hand them their helmet back and watch their reaction!

                                  17. Kids Drawing

                                    What’s a better way to get your kids involved? Ask them to draw a picture of you and your loved one or of the entire family and add “Will You Marry Me?”. Have the kids bring out their drawing to your partner and prepare to get down on one knee!

                                    18. Yoga

                                      If your partner is a big yogi, she would appreciate this personalised proposal! Customise a yoga mat with “Will You Marry Me?” on it and gift it to your partner before her workout. As they roll it out, hop down on one knee and open your ring box, showcasing your diamond engagement ring.

                                      Shop: Personalised Yoga Mat

                                      19. Fridge magnets

                                        Make the message loud and clear with this simple idea. Order customised magnets or spell out the magic words with colourful alphabet magnets, followed with some champagne to celebrate!

                                        20. Pave Way Chalk

                                          As you embark on your daily walk, you and your partner will come across the message (your prepared earlier) written on the path near your home. You may need a friend to help you out if you can’t sneak out of the house, but if so, have them stick around to take some photos of you popping the question!

                                          Shop: Chalk

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